4 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massages for Athletes

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July 20, 2018
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Many spa packages offer treatments like facials, chemical peels, and deep tissue massage therapy. Deep tissue massages target the muscle fascia and connect with tissues well below the surface of your skin. This technique uses slow, firm movements that go cross-grain in order to relieve pain and tension. Here are just some of the many benefits a deep tissue massage can have for athletes.

Reduces pain
If an athlete is in pain, they will probably not be able to perform at their best. Many athletes suffer pain temporarily from injury as well as chronically. A study published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine found that deep tissues massages prompted the production of mitochondria, which is an energy cell that builds muscle, boosts recovery time, and suppresses pain. After a deep tissue massage, an athlete will feel less pain and have more confidence to perform.

Increases flexibility
Flexibility is incredibly important across almost all athletic activities, from tennis to swimming to weight-lifting. Regular deep tissue massages can help increase an athlete’s range of motion because the massage actively breaks down tightness around the muscles. Deep tissue massages also stretch out your muscle fibers and break down your scar tissue, promoting flexibility and agility.

Promotes blood circulation
Good blood circulation is important for all, but especially for athletes. This is true for a few reasons. The first is that an increase blood circulation can enable the muscles to expel toxins, as well as absorb fresh blood and oxygen. Muscles become more supple with oxygenation, and athletes are able to breathe deeper during their exercises or sports. Increased blood flow also has a lot to do with the pain reduction mentioned above. Finally, improved blood flow can enable a calmer state of mind and relieve stress and anxiety.

Improves sleep
A deep tissue massage will reduce tension, induce relaxation, and enable athletes to get better quality sleep. This is incredibly important because better sleep means a faster recovery time if you get injured, and you can perform better as well.

Nearly 41% of American adults who got a massage in the last five years said that they sought it to relieve their pain, according to the American Massage Therapy Association. As an athlete, deep tissue massages can do wonders for your body and your mind so you can be the best you can be at your sport.

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